It Smells Like Dirt

This weekend I got to play in dirt for the first time in a long time. We start all our own seedlings, this way we can control the variety we grow, what they’re grown in (organic seed starter) and how they’re started. We don’t have a greenhouse (yet), but what we use is the walkin cooler. I bring a heater in there, attached to a thermometer, and shelves with lights that are on a timer. It’s not perfect, but it works well enough for now.

Onions were what I started this weekend – we’re doing them a little different this year too. Instead of just sowing them in flats, we’re planting about 5 seeds per plug & then the whole plug will be transplanted. It took a little more work on the seeding end, but transplanting should go quicker now.

After I moved all the planted trays up to the cooler, with the heater on, it was a balmy 75 degrees in there…and it smelled like dirt.

Onion Trays

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