Gourmet Garlic

We grow over 6 different varieties of gourmet garlic, but only select the largest, firmest, best bulbs for sale.

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 Varieties available for 2017:

Spanish Roja

  • Gourmet best-seller!
  • Superb classic rich flavor
  • Each bulb has about 8-12 cloves
  • Outer wrapper varies in color, from cream to deep purple stripes
  • Cloves are large with a brownish red color and are easy to peel
  • Keeps well, 3-4 months

Russian Red

  • The raw flavor is intense and big up front, with some sweetness along with a slight and pleasant bitterness. Garlic expert Chester Aaron calls this raw garlic “the perfect garlic flavor”.
  • Heat is long lasting, like a hot pepper


  • Hot, Spicy and full flavored
  • Grows milder in storage
  • Huge bulbs with a stunning rich burgandy-purple skin, each containing about 6 easy to peel cloves


  • One of the most popular Hardnecks
  • Has an aromatic, slightly spicy, incredibly flavorful garlic
  • Use in mashed potatoes or with seafood

Purple Italian

  • Classic Italian Hardneck
  • Delicate and sweet spicy flavor
  • Great in salsas and Mediterranean dishes

German Red

  • Spicy garlic with slight oniony flavor
  • Has a strong heat like a hot pepper