What is a CSA?

What is Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a partnership between a farm and a local community of supporters providing a direct link between the production and consumption of food.

CSA members cover the farm’s operating costs by purchasing a share of the season’s harvest.  This provides members with a healthy supply of locally grown, seasonally fresh produce throughout the growing season.

In return, the farm receives more insurance against risks of bad weather or a drop in market prices.

What does CSA membership involve?

Once a week we’ll deliver your share of fresh-picked veggies & herbs to a designated pickup site at the I-43 Business Center on the East side of Green Bay or on-farm pickup is also available.  

Weekly produce varies based on what’s ripe & will range from a few pounds to over 20 pounds at the peak of the season. 

Being involved with a CSA operation always means sharing the rewards as well as the risks of farming.
The rewards include:

  • Enjoying the freshest produce available, often harvested the same day you receive it
  • Knowing where, how and by whom your food is being produced
  • Having a direct connection with the people who produce your food
  • Supporting the kind of stewardship that is good for the land as well as its people to ensure it will be available for future generations

What are the risks of a CSA membership?

The risks include weather and pests. As a CSA member you’re now sharing the risk of farming with us. Just as you’ll reap the rewards when the weather cooperates, you now share in the risk of too much or too little rain, too hot or too cool of a growing season. While we do our best to raise diversified crops so while the lettuce may bolt early, the peppers like the extra hot sun and will thrive. We are also chemical-free which means we’ll be hand-picking the potato bugs off the plants and using natural pest-resistant methods to ensure you the most wholesome food available.

What type of Shares are available?

2017 Rates based on at least a 10-week season:

Full Share – $250

  • Typically feeds a family of 3-4

Still have questions? Feel free to call or email for more information: 920.362.8299 or suzi@sleepyhollowfarmcsa.com