You Can’t Ride Papers

That was an expression I learned at horse auction about 30 years ago (ya I’m old). At the time, I was obsessed with owning a Registered Quarter Horse and one of the 4-H leaders told me, “You can’t ride papers”, which basically means, finding a horse that was good, was more important than if it was registered (had papers).

This time of year, I get a bit obsessive about the weather. All the planning I did in February, while it looks good on paper, has to play out in real life. You can’t ride papers either when you’re dealing with Mother Nature. So we take what we’re given & deal with it. This weekend we were supposed to transplant the tomatoes & peppers. Based on the 10-Day outlook with the weather dipping into the 30’s again on Tuesday, we’re going to hold off on that.

Last night I knew we were going to have a bit of rain coming so we adjusted our planting schedule & seeded some more spinach. While everything is mapped out before the season starts, you just have to roll with the changes. Normally our last date of frost is May 11th and we may not get frost on the 19th, but I’m not going to take a chance with your tomatoes & peppers.

Here’s hoping for sunny days, slow showers and great growing season! And if that doesn’t happen, we’ll work with what we’re given.

10-Day Outlook


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