Welcome to Sleepy Hollow Farm & CSA

We’re a small, farmer owned Community Support Agriculture (CSA) Farm located in Kewaunee County, just outside of Green Bay specializing in growing a variety of veggies using sustainable farming practices. ┬áStarting with our small plot of land, we’re working to ensure the land will be bountiful for years to come. By using farming techniques that are kind to the earth, we strive to be good stewards of the land we’re entrusted with. We plant only non-GMO seeds & start all our own transplants.

We grow all our own produce in good ol’ dirt using compost for pest & weed control, no chemical herbicides or pesticides will ever touch your food. While we’re not certified organic, we follow the rules of organic production. From veggies to herbs, you’ll have a great variety of the familiar favorites like lettuce, peas, beans, sweet corn & tomatoes, but also expanding your horizon with herbs like cilantro & basil.

With each weekly delivery you’ll receive a newsletter that gives you an update of what’s going on at the Farm, pictures of your food being grown and recipes to try with the food that’s included.

We limit the number of shares we have available to better take care of each member. Shares for the 2015 Summer CSA Season are now sold out. Please email us suzi@sleepyhollowfarmcsa.com to be put on a waiting list for next season.