Our Farm

Sleepy Hollow Farm & CSA is located on 34 scenic acres in southwestern Kewaunee County. Our land features rolling hills, a creek, 10 acres of woodland, and some really rocky soil. One of our goals of farming the land we have is to improve its soil. This isn’t an overnight job, it’s done through several years of careful cultivation, cover cropping and managed grazing to build the soil. Why is a healthy soil important you ask? That’s where all the nutrients that go into the vegetables that we grow come from. Healthy soils grow nutrient dense, healthy foods. In the grand scheme of things, 34 acres isn’t much, it may not make a difference in the world, but it will make a difference for those that eat our produce.


We farm in harmony with nature…when we can – We use deer fencing when we can’t. The┬áland we grow on is surrounded by prairie that is in a conservation program for another couple of years. It’s full of wildflowers, milkweed and lots of native species of bugs and pollinators. It provides nesting for birds as well as a buffer to the creek.


Vegetable farming takes up just around an acre of our available land. We have room to grow, and we’re focusing on building the soil first before we expand our production.

The fertility for our soil comes from the horses we own and board. With 8-10 horses on average, there is a good constant supply of ‘fertilizer’. We compost it & then incorporate into the ground.

You can find us at:
Sleepy Hollow Farm & CSA
N1202 Sleepy Hollow Rd
Kewaunee WI 54216